Deanna Deveney

Director of Communications and Government Affairs - Government

About Me

Deanna Deveney's journey into the legal realm is a testament to her commitment to learning, her dedication to service, and her passion for justice. Her academic odyssey began at Curry College, where  

Deanna laid the foundation for her future legal prowess. Stepping away from her role as a deputy sheriff in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, she embarked on a transformative chapter at the Massachusetts School of Law.

Immersing herself in the university's rigorous program in critical thinking, Deanna emerged not just as a graduate but as a prepared and adept professional. In 2014, she proudly earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Massachusetts School of Law. The multifaceted nature of her legal education extended beyond textbooks, leading her to join the Justinian Law Society. Here, she forged connections with other Italian Americans in the legal arena, enriching her professional network.

During her law school tenure, Deanna's passion for justice was palpable in her role as an intern at the Middlesex District Attorney's Office. At the Woburn District Court, Deanna Deveney showcased her legal acumen by drafting and arguing diverse motions before various judges. Simultaneously, she managed a substantial caseload, navigating the complexities of legal practice. Her involvement in trial preparation for numerous probable cause hearings was marked by meticulous research of current case law.

Beyond the intricacies of legal procedures, Deanna's internship provided valuable insights into the human aspect of law. Interacting with victims and survivors, she honed her communication skills, a vital asset in understanding and serving future clients. Her hands-on experience in the courtroom became the crucible where her professional mettle was tested and refined.

Deanna's ascent to the zenith of the legal profession is a narrative woven with education, dedication, and practical experience. The echoes of her academic pursuits, internships, and involvement in legal societies resonate in the accomplished legal professional she has become. Through a trajectory marked by diligence and a commitment to justice, Deanna Deveney has not only earned her place in the legal arena but has emerged as a beacon for others navigating the complex landscape of the legal profession.